Gather.Town tutorial

As registered participant, you can log in to the Kashiwa Dark Matter Symposium Space on Gather.Town using the E-mail address you have registered with (it is the address to which we sent you all notifications about the symposium).

Short intro to use Gather.Town (TL;DR version):

See below for more details and trouble shooting for moving around in Gather.Town.

Gather.Town: Getting started
Watch out for the camera in your browser's address bar and click on it to check settings.
Walking around
After entering Gather.Town, say first hello at the welcome desk. Members of the Local Organizing Committee are happy to welcome you and help with any question.
Talking to people
Switching to the talks on Zoom

In the lecture hall, you can enter the Zoom sessions to pressing 'X'. Then you are offered to click on a link bringing you to a Zoom session. When entering Zoom, you are muted and your camera is automatically switched off in Gather.Town (you become a ghost there). If you leave Zoom, you are offered to re-Enter symposium in the browser tab where you left Gather-Town:

After the lecture session on Zoom has ended (or you left for having a break), just click on Re-enter to get back to Gather.Town.
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Now join here the symposium on Gather.Town